About Us

Kolibri Drinks is the brainchild of husband and wife team Kamila and Vincent Sitwell. With the growing trend of customisation in consumer products and services, it struck us as extraordinary, this powerful trend has never been explored in packaged drinks.
“Everyone has different tastes when it comes to drinks – not to mention health needs,” explains Kamila who previously worked for a world leading drinks business. “So, we embarked on a mission to create the world’s first customisable drinks, which for the first time gives consumers control of key ingredients.”
It took Vincent three years to design, test, develop and patent cap technology, which would bring customisation to packaged drinks in an elegant and commercially viable way, and by mid-2018 they had a working prototype.

Co-Founders, Vincent Sitwell and Kamila Sitwell


There is no one-size-fits-all CBD dose, the ‘sweet spot’ CBD dose is unique for individual and depends on range of factors such as one’s body weight, body chemistry and the reasons for CBD use.
Kolibri Drinks’ unique feature is in the packaging: a special cap filled with 20mg Broad Spectrum CBD, which sits on top of the cocktail base in the bottle. This allows you to add your preferred dose of CBD to the drink, depending on your needs and preference.



From the very beginning, Kamila and Vincent believed flavour and quality were of the utmost importance, but they also insisted the sensory, experiential and visual aspects of the drinks must be combined with functional health benefits.


Consumers should have it all and Kolibri is proud to champion personalised drink experiences which empower, heal and delight every time.



Kolibri makes a significant social impact helping young people in crisis with healthcare and mental support.


We have formed a partnership with B1G1, a social enterprise and non-profit organisation, to support young people in crisis with healthcare and mental support.


With every purchase of Kolibri Drinks, you impact the life of a young person who experienced trauma. Counselling for orphans, supporting victims of abuse and providing safe space are our key priorities.