Why Is CBD Attractive for Those Abstaining From Alcohol?

Whenever someone makes that decision to abstain from alcohol, or to leave it behind completely it can be a huge and life-changing step. Alcohol’s association with good times, socialising or even happiness can leave a huge hole once the no-drinking lifestyle starts. One of the best ways of successfully abstaining from alcohol is to replace these elements with something far healthier.

CBD or a CBD infused drink can replace many of the elements that were once provided by alcohol and with far more health benefits. Not only are the effects far more positive, but the side effects of CBD compared to alcohol are also fewer and in some cases, non-existent. Let’s take a look at why CBD is attractive for those abstaining from alcohol in a little more detail.


All the Good, Without the Bad

Alcohol plays a huge part in socialising within many western cultures, so suddenly abstaining from it can leave you feeling on the outside of all the fun. Saying this, CBD infused drinks are becoming more attractive as a non-alcoholic alternative because they provide drinkers with a drink that is free from alcohol but still has that sociable status.

The negative aspects of alcohol such as poor health, dependency problems or something as simple as a hangover are replaced by something far healthier. CBD is known to have a long list of health benefits, from treating pain, anxiety and overall stress. By making this change from alcohol to CBD, you really are saying goodbye to the bad and gaining a lot of good.


Healing the Damage 

Alongside the social aspects, the ingestion of CBD can also help heal much of the damage done to the body after a long period of heavy drinking and intoxication. This makes it an attractive alternative for those abstaining from alcohol. CBD has been shown to reduce liver inflammation and steatosis - a side effect of excessive alcohol consumption. 

It has also been shown that CBD can reduce desire and impulsive behaviour that contributes to drinking more alcohol. This is ideal for those who are trying and perhaps struggling to stop drinking. The calming and relaxing effects of CBA can refrain you from grabbing that bottle of beer next time you feel a little stressed out.



Keeping Fit after Ditching the Booze

If you’re trying to kick the drinking habit and abstain from alcohol, it may be the case that you’re also trying to live a healthier lifestyle too. Exercise is, of course, an important part of overall health and incorporating CBD into your exercise routine can help this. 

Using CBD as a post-workout supplement can aid both recovery and muscle improvement. Acting as an anti-inflammatory, CBD reduces muscle pain and swelling after your exercise routine. It can also help you to get a better nights sleep, something that allows your body to recover from exercise faster. All of this ultimately leads to a better overall healthy body and mind, something that will keep you from falling off the wagon. 




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