Why CBD should be a part of your home exercise regime

As our exercise regimes become more home-focused, many people are looking for new workouts and supplements to help their progress continue to grow. With gyms closed, limited outdoor exercise permissible and our bedrooms, backyards and living rooms becoming home studios, now is a wonderful time to try something new with our routines.

As we know, people take CBD for many reasons, and one of those that is lesser talked about is for exercise aid and recovery. However, there are many advantages to adding CBD to your training. Whether that’s by drinking a CBD wellness drink post-workout, or by using CBD based topicals to target muscle recovery, there are a lot of potential benefits.

How CBD can benefit an exercise regime

When it comes to CBD, the reported benefits are vast and vary from person to person. However, of these benefits, there are many that would support a thorough (or even light) exercise routine. Perhaps you have more time on your hands and are trying to use that to improve your fitness or finding that the mental effects of the current crisis are negatively affecting your workouts; CBD might be able to help.

The CBD benefits that can help exercise are:

  • Sleep aid
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Calming effects

These are three benefits that many CBD users report, and they all would have a positive effect on an exercise routine. Although, I urge you to remember the potential benefits of CBD are vast, and there are many other ways CBD might benefit you.

Sleep Aid

Many people find, that when their natural routines are broken, as is the case with the current situation, their sleep suffers as a result. CBD is an adaptogen, so it fits in with your body’s natural cycles and promotes them. This means, if taken before sleep, it can help you drift off into a deeper slumber.

By using CBD for sleep, you’ll find that you wake up more refreshed. This means that you won’t feel fatigued during your exercise. Especially when we are more limited to working out at home, or simply once a day outside our houses, it can be easy to let discipline slide, even more so when we are tired. But, by promoting a better quality of sleep we can up energy levels.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Many people are choosing to take to running, cycling or even long-distance walking to make the most of their outside time during lockdown. These cardio exercises are great for burning body fat, however, they can leave muscles fatigued and tired.

As CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, using a topical when muscles are aching can be a natural way to help soothe the pain. Even by adding CBD to a drink, you can help promote quicker muscle recovery.

Calming effects

As well as negative effects on sleep, many people are finding anxiety levels are high, which is only natural in such a stressful time. Although for many, exercise can offer relief from anxious thoughts and energy, for many it can be hard to find the motivation.

The calming effects of CBD are one of the main reasons people use the product, and these can have a wonderful knock-on impact regarding your exercise regime. Allowing your mind to let go of thoughts that may be weighing you down, the calming effects of CBD can give you more mental space to focus on exercise.

Talking to the experts

Adding CBD to sports drink

Pure Sport CBD makes premium CBD products, specifically designed for athletes. They told us what they see as the main benefits to using CBD for exercise: “Many of our professional athletes talk about the benefits of using CBD as a health supplement. Improving sleep - which has a huge knock-on effect to the speed in which athletes are able to recover from rigorous training and competitive performance. It is also reported by clients that CBD has a natural anti-inflammatory effect within the body, taking the edge off many aches and pains that athletes face on a daily basis.

“Generally speaking, it’s quite common for athletes to have quite busy minds, often due to the fact that they are constantly striving to improve and develop. This can sometimes leave athletes finding it difficult to switch off at night when trying to sleep. CBD has shown to be an excellent natural anti-anxiety aid.”

The team told us what their mission is: “CBD is quickly becoming an everyday supplement for athletes. We want to provide athletes with safe CBD supplements that work, and they can trust.”

They spoke to us a bit about their client base, and the type of athletes they work closely with: “We have a wide range of athletes using our products. There are certain sports that are very physically demanding. Sports like rugby, football, combat sports, golf, long-distance running and Crossfit. Athletes are really paying a lot of attention to CBD. In certain cases, athletes have said that its use has added years on to their career.”

We also spoke to the team at Gymbox, one of the UK’s leading gyms. Although currently closed, Gymbox used to offer a Cannabliss class, where participants worked out whilst wearing a CBD patch. Hannah Curtis Nunn, Gymbox’s Group Fitness Director, spoke more about the class: “The Cannabliss class involves exercises and stretches akin to a yin yoga class as well as mobility and meditation exercises. Members are provided with a CBD patch to apply to their arms which delivers the natural, potent oil osmotic-ally into the body, delivering anti-inflammatory relief to the wearer. This combined with the stretches and mobility exercises helps to relieve aches and pains that most desk workers experience. The Cannabliss class is perfect for those sat at a desk all day looking to relieve those niggly aches and pains.”

The team at Gymbox also spoke to us about why they introduced CBD into their gyms: “CBD has well-documented anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and blood sugar regulating properties. For athletes, this means relief from cramp, faster recovery times, better muscle building and protection from extreme exercise stress. It’s a natural exercise booster. CBD also balances cortisol levels, the ‘stress’ hormone which is triggered by both pressurised lifestyles and extreme workouts. As this hormone can raise blood pressure, change bone density and consume muscle tissue, it actually reduces the effects of exercise. By balancing cortisol, CBD makes even the most demanding workouts more effective.”

We are sure, that when the world goes back to usual it certainly won’t be the same. And perhaps more people will discover the amazing fitness opportunities they have around them in their community or people will continue to work out at home, realising that it is possible.

Either way, if you are interested in upgrading your exercise, then adding CBD to your routine can help.

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About the author:

Kamila is a bestselling author of  “Bespoke. How to radically grow your bar and restaurant business through personalisation”, and passionate trend-spotter for the UK Eating Out market with thousands of followers on her widely popular blog kamilasitwell.co.uk.

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