Why CBD drinks are great for first-timers

With so many CBD products on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. Although it seems tinctures are the most popular method of consumption, there are plenty of new products that bring the experience to another level, one of which being CBD infused drinks.

In this article, I explore why CBD drinks are a great product for first-time CBD users, while speaking to bloggers about their experiences with CBD.

Why CBD drinks are great for first-timers

CBD oil in frozen drink

Regulate your intake

With Kolibri’s new bespoke CBD cocktail, you can regulate your CBD intake. Each bottle comes with its own cap filled with CBD which allows you to tailor the drink to your mood. So, whether you want only a drop of CBD or the full serving, it’s up to you.

Ingest it slowly

As opposed to CBD tincutres/oils and other products, CBD drinks can be ingested slowly. Perfect for first-timers who would prefer to take the experience slow. Instead of putting a few drops under your tongue and quickly feeling the effects, you can sip slowly and allow them to wash over you at your own pace.

An exciting experience

CBD drinks offer the user an exciting and unique experience. Whether deciding to relax on the sofa after a hard day and sip on your CBD cocktail, or have one with friends before going out, there are plenty of situations where a delicious CBD drink can add flavour to the experience.

A great stand in for alcohol

For those looking to cut back on their alcohol consumption, it makes a great replacement. With a whole range of high-end CBD drinks on the market, you don’t have to skimp on flavour or sophistication when dropping the alcohol. With CBD de-stressing and anxiety-reducing properties, CBD drinks make a great replacement to that glass of wine you usually reach for after a long day.

Additional benefits from other ingredients

As well as CBD, many of these drinks have other ingredients that have their benefits. From the vitamins provided by fresh fruit to the uplifting flavour profiles, there is plenty that a CBD drink can offer that a CBD isolate product cannot.

Very portable and low profile

Finally, CBD drinks are both portable and low profile. When starting your CBD journey, you may not want to sit at your desk taking drops or bring a vape to the gym. However, with a CBD drink, not only does it carry well it’s also less likely to leak and make a mess like CBD oils can, while also blending in perfectly, not drawing attention to you.

Getting started with CBD

CBD drink on bar

We spoke to two bloggers about their experiences trying out CBD, and how being able to control how much they could take was an important factor when shopping around for a CBD product.

Tina – The Neary Diaries

Firstly, we spoke to Tina from The Neary Diaries, who told us about her husband’s experience with CBD and how he micro-doses throughout the day: “It really helped his anxiety throughout the day and night as he could take it when he woke up, at lunch, then before bed. He has trouble falling asleep so it's a bonus being able to use it at night-time. He noticed a difference straight away as the normal anxiety he suffers from wasn't as bad as it usually is, and his heart rate stayed steady. The oil has made a massive difference in his life to what it was before.”

Kirsty – As Told by Kirsty

We also spoke to As Told by Kirsty, who explained her journey with CBD: “I was a little apprehensive before I tried CBD for the first time for my chronic pain but I was beginning to get a bit desperate. I decided to go down the natural route and I tried CBD for the first time. I opted for what I would call the middle dose of 5%, and within a matter of days of taking a daily dose, I could feel a difference in my pain, it wasn't completely gone but it definitely took the edge off it. I started taking 3-4 drops twice a day. Now I use a 6% oil most days and I take anywhere between 5-10 drops throughout the day and then I have a 10% oil at hand for my really bad flare-up days.”

If you’re thinking about trying CBD for the first time, we have plenty of help articles on hand to give you the facts. Find them over on our blog.

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