When should I consume CBD?

When getting started with CBD, it can be difficult to know what time of day is best to take it. When starting out on your CBD journey, experimentation is the best way to develop the best routine for you. After all, there are a whole range of deciding factors: how you take CBD, why you are taking it, what CBD product you are taking and more that can change the answer, and when starting out experimentation is the best way to find the best routine for you.

What time of day is best to take CBD?

Advantages of taking CBD in the morning:

  • Some people report CBD gives them a sense of ‘awakeness’, helping to start the day
  • Allows the benefits of CBD to help you all day, giving you a head start
  • Some find CBD helps refresh the body and muscles, helping shake off sleep and aches

Advantages of taking CBD in the middle of the day:

  • Some people find the CBD ‘awakeness’ helps them get over the mid-day slump
  • Means CBD can be taken along with a meal

Advantages of taking CBD in the evening:

  • Some people report CBD makes them drowsy, helping with sleep
  • Some people find taking CBD helps clear their mind, helping to unwind after a long day
  • Some people find taking CBD eases pain, allowing users to relax and sleep better

There can be advantages to taking CBD at every time of day, from it affecting how awake you feel in the morning to helping you drift off to sleep, the possibilities are limitless. If you only want to take CBD once a day, then experimenting with the time of day can make a big difference to the effectiveness of it.

Alternatively, you can try microdosing…

Microdosing CBD

Microdosing CBD is the act of taking small amounts throughout the day, as opposed to a larger amount once or twice in the day. This can be achieved through most methods of taking CBD and can have beneficial results for those taking it.

Advantages of microdosing CBD:

  • Allows a consistent stream of CBD to enter the bloodstream, meaning you don’t miss out of its effects
  • Allows CBD to be taken at targeted times throughout the day
  • Allows CBD to build up in the system, thought to help effects work their best
  • Can be taken in different quantities and methods, meaning more targeted effects

Microdosing not only means you can take CBD in different ways throughout the day (for example, a drop in your coffee at breakfast, a hit on a CBD vape throughout the day, CBD gummies at lunchtime etc.) it also means that you can take CBD for more targeted reasons.

It can mean you’re in more control of your dosage, being able to take small amounts when you feel you need it, like after a workout, when you feel a headache coming on, when you get drowsy etc.

The team at Nu Hemp told us this: “Some trial and error may be required before finding your optimal CBD routine, see this as your CBD journey. Many consumers take their dosage throughout the day and most importantly, to consume CBD safely, leave an adequate gap between taking CBD and your medicine.”

When to take CBD for the first time

When taking CBD for the first time adopting the low and slow method is highly recommended. Everyone can react differently to CBD, and although it’s unlikely you’ll have any largely adverse reactions, limiting the risk the first time you try CBD is well worth it.

Whether you choose to add CBD drops in a drink, use a CBD vape or try taking the oil sublingually, starting on a low dose means you can get to know how CBD works for your body before taking a major amount.

Jay Warner, Director at The Hemp Botanist, offered his advice: “For first-time users of CBD, we recommend starting on a lower strength. It’s firstly more affordable as the higher the concentration of CBD increases naturally so does the price. Generally speaking, people use lower strength for day to day general wellbeing and the higher strength is typically used for more severe ailments and conditions.”

Jay from The Hemp Botanist told us: “For your initial dosage we advise a first-time precautionary measure to take it before bedtime, as opposed to trying for the first time when you have a day’s work or other daily events ahead of you. I must stress, this is only a precaution as everybody reacts and responds differently.”

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