How does CBD help with sleep?

The world over, consumers are raving about the positive effects that CBD products are having on their lives. Whether they take it for aches and pains or for anxiety, everything suggests that the CBD trend is only getting bigger and better.

One of the highly praised uses of the supplement is CBD for sleep. Can it really help us catch up on some much needed kip? We spoke to Tim W. Shaw from Health and Wellness Reviews to ask the question on many people’s lips: can CBD help me sleep?

Does CBD make you sleepy?

In short, yes. It’s thought that CBD works in two ways to calm the mind and aid sleep. The first is that CBD can stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain, which reduces anxiety, stress and also can relieve you from pain which in turn helps you unwind and sleep better. The second is that CBD indirectly affects the body’s sleep receptors, which is what controls our sleep and wake cycle.

“Some users report that CBD actively helps them get to sleep but most studies show that a reduction in stress and anxiety from CBD allows sleep to come easier,” says Tim. “There are also some studies which show that CBD may improve the quality of REM sleep which ultimately improves your sleep health and complete sleep cycle.”

Not only do the effects of CBD help us drop off easier, but it also helps us to stay asleep. Because of this, CBD is thought to help people with insomnia and other sleeping disorders. 

Does CBD make you tired during the day?

This is a common question many people have when trying CBD for the first time. CBD is an ‘adaptogen’, meaning that it works with your body’s natural cycles. This is because CBD interacts with your bodies Endocannabinoid System (ECS), via your cannabinoid receptors. If you need to be alert, CBD can give you an energy boost, but if you need to wind down and sleep after a long day, it can also help relax your mind for a restful night’s sleep.

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The amount of CBD you take is also key in giving you the desired side effects, says Tim. “CBD has been found to be ‘biphasic’, which means that it has two distinct effects when used in different amounts.” This dual-sided effect is found in many other substances, including alcohol. “Alcohol is biphasic too, in small amounts it can be stimulating and uplifting but in larger amounts, it acts as a depressant.” So, knowing when to take CBD if you are using CBD for better sleep can be a big help. 

During the day, Tim says that taking “small, regular amounts of CBD can help to keep you alert and focused”, however, if you’re looking to get sedative effects from CBD oil or another CBD product, “a larger amount is more suited to the evening and can support quality sleep.” 

How to take CBD for sleep 

“It’s important to remember that CBD affects everyone differently. Before you try and use it to support sleep you should get used to how it affects you first,” says Tim. “Follow the recommendations on the product you have and start with small regular amounts. Slowly increase the amount over the course of a few weeks until you know what works for you.

“Once you know what works for you, try a slightly larger amount in the evening a couple of hours before bed. Again, stay within the recommended amounts, but slowly increase the amount until you feel it works for you.” 

Tim also points out that it won’t make you feel high, lightheaded or dizzy, with most people finding that it makes them feel relaxed or grounded. The marijuana plant has two key chemicals, CBD and THC, and it is THC which produces the 'high' feeling.

“Another good way to improve the effect or find out what works best for you is to try it in different forms. Oils, edibles, teas or CBD infused drinks may all affect you slightly differently because of differences in how the active ingredients are absorbed.” 

Tim’s final piece of advice is to remember that it is a process, not a miracle, cure-all. “Don’t expect results straight away, the aim isn’t to suddenly fall into a deep sleep but to achieve better long-term sleep quality.” 

Quality sleep is something that so many of us crave, and to be able to have access to a natural sleep aid in a variety of forms is fantastic. If tinctures aren’t your thing or if you’re too forgetful to take CBD gummies, then Kolibri’s CBD drink may be the perfect addition to your daily routine. 

Enjoy it first thing in the morning for a refreshing pick-me-up or enjoy its relaxation properties in the evening after a long day. Kolibri’s bottled CBD drinks range is also perfect for first-time CBD users, as you can control how much CBD to add to your drink and find out what works for you.

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