How does CBD affect your body?

Depending on where you look, CBD can either be reported as a life-saving panacea or snake oil. With products like this, you might wonder how they will actually affect YOUR body when you try them. What will you feel when you take them, how long will those feelings last and what can they actually offer you?

In this article, I take a look at the various ways CBD affects the body and answer some frequently asked CBD questions.

What does CBD do?

The effects of CBD are different for everyone, and although some people find that CBD offers them a range of health benefits, for some they find it doesn't have a largely noticeable effect. This can be down to all manner of elements, to the way you consume CBD to what time of the day you consume it. Plus, as we know, not all CBD products are what they are cracked up to be.

From helping people cope with anxiety to getting a better night's sleep and pain relief, the potential benefits of CBD are large and vary from person to person.

Some of the stand-out benefits of CBD are:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • Combats seizures
  • Fends off neurodegenerative issues
  • Offers pain relief
  • Promotes better sleep

How does CBD make you feel?

Just like the potential effects of CBD differing depending on myriad reasons, the way CBD will make you feel is different also. For a lot of people, they find it offers them a sense of relaxation and calm, helping them unwind and switch off.

CBD promotes our natural Endocannabinoid System and as such, work with your body's cycle. So, if you are taking CBD in the evening when you are winding down, you may find it makes you drowsy. But, if you are taking it in the morning you may find it helps you feel more energised.

If the CBD product you are using contains THC, a compound in hemp plants that is illegal in the UK but legal in places like the United States, you may find you feel psychoactive effects. You should never feel psychoactive side effects with products brought in the UK, and if you do you should immediately dispose of the product.

How long does CBD take to work?

From CBD oil to CBD gummies and CBD drinks, different CBD products will take a different amount of time to work due to them entering your bloodstream in different ways. With CBD oils that are taken under the tongue, the journey into the bloodstream is much quicker than for CBD oil tinctures which are added to the skin.

With most CBD products, you should expect to feel the effects within two hours. Each different application can help bring on different results. If you want to find out which you should try and how long they’ll take to work, read my article, How should I take CBD?

How long does CBD last?

Just like CBD products can take different amounts of time to work when you take them, the effects also last for a different time. However, with most CBD products, you'll likely not feel the effects for any longer than 6 hours.

For those whose effects are felt faster, like in the case of CBD vape pens, you may find they don’t last as long. This is why it’s advised to try and build up your CBD levels over time with smaller doses.

One of the best ways for first-timers to try CBD is with CBD drinks. With Kolibri, you are able to tailor your dose of CBD to suit your needs, so to start off with you can try only a small amount and gradually work up. As well, with Kolibri’s CBD drinks the flavour of the oil is completed by the drink and as such a lot more accessible to those who are unfamiliar with it.

How long does CBD stay in your system?

Although you may not be able to feel the effects of CBD, it stays in your body longer than you may think. You may worry that if it does not leave your system, it could show up on a drug test as it is extracted from cannabis plants. Although it depends on how you take your CBD, it has been found to stay in your system for as long as 90 days.

As CBD isn't an illegal substance, it shouldn't show up on a drugs test. It could create a false positive for cannabis if it is over the legal limited of THC, however. This is why it's important to ensure you buy good quality, trustworthy CBD products.

Read my article, Does CBD get you high?, to find out more about how long it may stay in your system.

About the author:

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