How can CBD help me cope with stress?

CBD was one of the biggest health trends of 2019, and I'm glad to see more conversations opening up around its benefits. This fantastic product has brought relief and support to many people for a variety of reasons and it's great that it's becoming more accessible to all consumers. Even with the industry currently in an unusual, unregulated position, it's growth is undeniable. However, despite it becoming the wellness product that has everyone's taste buds tingling, consumers have a lot of questions - and one of the most surprising one being 'Why does CBD do nothing for me?'

A quick google search will leave you with a vast array of articles on how CBD has changed the lives of many people. However, some individuals have tried this supposed 'wonder cure' and found that they feel, well, nothing at all. Just like watching a film with rave-reviews that you didn't enjoy, it can be a let-down hearing myriad word-of-mouth recommendations and reading about people whose lives have been changed for the better by something that didn't work it for you.

However, I don't think people should be so quick to give up. As with other natural and herbal supplements, there is no sure-fire way to take CBD and everybody reacts to it differently. But with some time and patience, you'll be able to find the best way to take it for you.

Read on to find out why CBD may not be working for you and how you can start reaping the benefits.

You're not taking enough

The first thing that springs to my mind when people tell me that CBD doesn't have the desired effect is whether they are taking enough. With Cannabidiol products, results are often best found when the user increases the amount over time. A one-time use likely won't make a massive difference but taking CBD multiple times a day over a few weeks is much more likely to have an effect. So, don't be quick to write it off and try to stick at it and see if the long-term benefits kick in.

You're not using it in the right way

Depending on why you have decided to try CBD, you might find that the way you are using it isn't the most efficient. For example, those who use it for physical ailments and pains (especially targeted ones) are more likely to recommend using a topical product that can be applied directly to the affected area while users looking for an instant effect might recommend using a CBD vape pen. Others who have heard of the calming effects of CBD might be looking to replace their glass of wine in the evening with a CBD product and will find CBD drops in drinks to be the perfect alternative. 

If you find that CBD does make a slight difference but doesn't feel like it completely has the desired effect, then it's worth trying a variety of CBD products and applications, although not all at the same time. 

The product is of poor quality

I have spoken time and time again about the lack of regulation within the UK CBD industry, but it is worth touching on it again. Some might find that the reason their CBD is doing nothing for them is that it has barely any CBD in it, if at all. Remember, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis revealed that only 10% of CBD products available in the UK contain the CBD content they claim to on the label. 

If you are new to CBD products, I would recommend not letting the effects of the first product be the benchmark, whether good or bad. Currently, there is a lot of disparity in the market, and till the time we have legal clarity and proper regulation, it will be hard to know if a product is going to do deliver against what has been advertised.

It is also worth turning to long term CBD users and well-written blog articles from reputable sources for product recommendations. After all, the people who have invested more time into learning about and taking CBD are more likely to provide reliable recommendations. If not, store assistants should be able to help you make an informed decision. 

Alternatively, you can always try and stick to a few rules:

  • - If it seems much cheaper than other products, there is likely a reason why
  • - If the product contains over 0.2% THC, it should be avoided as this is above the legal CBD dosage in the UK
  • - If the packaging rings alarm bells in your head, avoid the product
  • - Check the reviews. If they are negative or seem fake in any way, avoid the product

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It just doesn't work for you

If you've tried upping your intake, tried a range of products and ensured the product is of good quality, then it might just be that CBD doesn't work for you. Unfortunately, it isn't a panacea, and although it would be great if it could change everyone's lives, it isn't always the case. 

Today, there are several CBD products for you to pick and choose from. Over time, popular retailers have recognised the growing demand for CBD and have helped brands develop products that deliver on taste and experience. My own collaboration with Holland & Barret, UK's leading CBD retailer, led to the creation of Kolibri CBD. Having spent so much time developing a CBD product myself, I understand the challenges of the category and also the dilemma faced by consumers. I'm sure, as the CBD market signs of progress and regulations come into place, we will see a higher intake of people loving the product as it's consistency and quality matches expectations.

About the Author:

Kamila is a bestselling author of "Bespoke. How to radically grow your bar and restaurant business through personalisation", and passionate trend-spotter for the UK Eating Out market with thousands of followers on her widely popular blog

With a decade of hands-on experience collaborating with hospitality influencers and insight experts and background in setting strategies for leading brands, Kamila has become the industry champion for truly bespoke and guest-centric experiences.

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