CBD oil microdosing: How to microdose CBD

Interested in microdosing CBD, or just want to learn more about what it means and why it can be beneficial? This article looks at everything you need to know about CBD oil microdosing and discusses how to microdose CBD for beginners.

What is microdosing CBD?

'Microdosing' refers to the act of taking small doses of a CBD product throughout the day, rather than taking a larger dose intended to last for a sustained amount of time. These small amounts of CBD can help to keep a steady level of the therapeutic effects and can also limit undesirable side effects.

Depending on the reason someone is taking CBD and their desired effects, this can be a more beneficial way to take CBD.

Why microdose CBD?

Just like the reasons why people take CBD, there are many reasons why microdosing may be more beneficial for someone. Two of the most prominent reasons to microdose CBD are…

Addressing pain

For those who take CBD to address chronic pain, microdosing can offer a great solution. Instead of one larger dose of CBD at the beginning of the day which risks wearing off in the afternoon, microdosing offers a more consistent level of support to the endocannabinoid system.

For users outside of the UK whose products contain THC and CBD, it can also limit the psychoactive effects of THC whilst offering the pain-reducing benefits of the combined chemicals.

Exercise recovery

Many athletes are CBD users as CBD is so beneficial for an exercise regime. Its anti-inflammatory properties, ability to aid sleep, and calming effects can have great results on recovery. For athletes at the top of their game, microdosing cannabis oil can help their recovery and can help improve their performance.

CBD oil tablets

How can I microdose CBD?

If you've taken CBD before

For those who have taken CBD before, getting into microdosing CBD is easy. You should already know what ratio of CBD works for you, so now it's just about spacing your dosage out over the day for a more constant effect.

So, if you use CBD and have six drops in the morning and six drops before bed, instead try and space those out throughout the day, so why not try two drops an hour for 12 hours? Of course, you should always be careful to not up the amount you are taking drastically as you start microdosing but take the ‘slowly surely’ approach.

If you've never taken CBD before

If you've never taken CBD before, working out the right way to take it for you and the amount can be a bit of trial and error. When starting with microdosing CBD, we suggest starting with small doses (so a small amount of a product with a small mg of CBD) and leaving a decent amount of time in between doses so you can fully understand the effects you feel.

Then, you should look at increasing the frequency. Once you reach your desired frequency, if you still feel as though you are looking for a little more, increase the dosage.

Remember: The way you take CBD can change the way it makes you feel and for how long, so try a range of products like oils and tinctures.

What CBD products are good for microdosing?

CBD vapes

For a quick CBD top-up, vaping is a great method. Easy to carry around and discreet, CBD vapes can work quickly and are great for microdosing. If you are microdosing for pain, having a CBD vape to hand can mean in those moments you feel the effects wearing off you can quickly top yourself up.

CBD oil

A great all-rounder in the CBD world, CBD oil can be taken in many ways and can be a real asset to microdosing. Whether you pop a couple of drops in your coffee in the morning or post-workout drink, or you keep it in your desk drawer, it can come into play all throughout the day.

CBD capsules

Quick and easy to take, and easy to carry around and portion, CBD capsules are a great way of staying on top of taking CBD. Take them just as you would any other tablet during the day and know that you are always getting the exact same amount of CBD.

CBD drinks

For many people, taking CBD feels like a necessity but this can mean that people take it as if they would a medicine, not knowing that CBD can be enjoyed. With our CBD botanical drink, you can enjoy the benefits of ingested CBD and make an experience out of it. Perfect for a quiet night in where you fancy something delicious to drink, or even at a party or event where you want to lay off the alcohol.

Hopefully, this article can help you start your microdosing journey. Whether you choose to use CBD capsules, try CBD drinks or a mixture of methods, we hope microdosing can work for you. For more information on CBD, check out our CBD news blog or explore our range of alcohol-free drinks and CBD cocktails.

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