Can CBD help improve your sex drive?

Let’s talk about sex drive. It’s a topic that everyone is familiar with and curious about, but not many are comfortable with discussing it openly. Relate, in their ‘Let’s talk about sex’ report, found that only 1 in 3 people in the UK (34%) are satisfied with their sex life, a figure that has declined from 46% in 2014. On top of that, 1 in 5 people reported that they felt their relationship was suffering due to either a drop in libido or differing sex drives between partners.

Could CBD be the solution for some? Well, early research has found that this could certainly be the case. A survey by Remedy Review discovered that: “of those who have tried CBD oil for sexual purposes, 68% of people said it improved their sexual experience, and others said it helped them relax or improved their overall mood.”

Additionally, many of the other benefits of CBD that people already experience, happen to have an effect on their sexual experience as well. 

How CBD can improve your sex drive

We already know that there are many possible benefits of CBD, but how can these positively impact a person’s sex life?

Reduction in anxiety

One of the primary reasons people try CBD and one of the most widely discussed benefits are its effects on anxiety. CBD is able to help some people’s minds rest and can help with reducing anxiety and depression. With this happy mood, many men and women might find that they are able to enjoy sex more and are really able to be in the moment without worries in the back of their minds.

For those who might suffer from insecurities about their body, or get nervous when in an intimate position, CBD might offer some release from that negative voice in the back of your head. These are everyday anxieties many people face, and they can negatively impact a sexual encounter for anyone.

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Sleep improvement

For those who are suffering from a lack of sleep and find they are low on energy, CBD can help with both improving sleep and boosting energy levels. Thanks to the way it complements our body’s natural cycles, depending on the time of day CBD is used, it can help with a morning energy boost or help send us off to sleep.

If you are finding that your tiredness is affecting your sex life, then adding a CBD product like a CBD drink into your daily routine before bed can help you wind down. And, on those nights where you and your partner might want to stay up a little later, you can take some CBD the next morning to help boost your morning energy.

Relief from pain

Whether suffering from chronic pain, period pains or endometriosis, PCOS, or just suffering from an injury, being in pain can be a large hindrance to both parties wanting to have and being able to enjoy sex. For those who consistently suffer from high levels of pain, they may find this to be a real dampener on the mood and even might try to put off sex all together in fear of making the pain worse.

As an anti-inflammatory, CBD can work for people as part of a pain management system and can help reduce pain in the long run. This can be great for those who find their pain is becoming a barrier to living a normal life and enjoying their sex life.

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Assist arousal

It is thought that CBD is a vasodilator. What this means, is that it can help dilate blood vessels to allow fresh, oxygenated blood to flow easier. As a rush of oxygenated blood is something that is synonymous with arousal, by using a topical CBD product, specifically designed for sexual use like a spray or lubricant, it is thought that arousal can be assisted and maybe even improved.

When deciding to use topical CBD products during sex, it is wise to test them on another part of your body first to ensure you have a positive reaction, especially if you have never used a CBD product before.

How can CBD improve your sex drive?

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Relief from pain
  • Sleep improvement
  • Arousal assistance

With these benefits, CBD can have a wonderful impact on your sex drive and can help those who feel as though they may be in a bit of a sexual rut. Even for those who have a healthy and happy sex life, bringing CBD into the bedroom can open new doors and bring new feelings and experiences, so why not give it a try?

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