Bloggers tell us about their CBD experiences

Whether they have heard about it through word-of-mouth, read about it online or simply seen it on the shelves of a high street store, more and more people are trying CBD for myriad reasons. From helping to ease anxiety to offering pain relief, there are many benefits of CBD which differ from person to person.

Just as I’ve previously spoken to bloggers who have given up alcohol, I also wanted to speak to those that have tried CBD to find out some first-hand accounts of the experience, and the potential benefits it can offer.

Read on to discover what the bloggers I spoke to had to say about CBD and their experience with it.

“It relaxes the physical symptoms of underlying stress or anxiety leading to a more relaxed, full-body feeling”

Dulcie – That Festival Life


Dulcie is a festival loving blogger over at That Festival Life. She has experimented with a few different CBD applications and we reached out to her to ask about her experience.

Dulcie told us: “I was pretty cynical before taking CBD for the first time but now I think it's great! I've tried it as an oil, face oil and in a few types of soft drinks. I find it relaxes the physical symptoms of underlying stress or anxiety leading to a more relaxed, full-body feeling. It works in a really delicate and subtle way though - you're not going to notice its effects on you immediately as you would with, for example, a glass of wine. But you're also not going to get any negative side effects with it either unlike alcohol!" 

“It helped a lot with calming down at the end of really long, stressful days”

Jupiter Hadley


Jupiter Hadley is a lifestyle blogger who shares all facets of her life over on her blog. One of the things she discussed is her experience trying CBD chocolate bites.

Jupiter told us: “I tried CBD dark chocolate bites for a while to help me get to sleep a bit better. These chocolates were a really nice way to consume CBD oil because they didn't taste like CBD at all and instead tasted like a lovely, chocolate treat. The chocolates did help me get to sleep better, they were very relaxing, and it helped a lot with calming down at the end of really long, stressful days.”

“I added CBD oil to my daily routine and I'm so thankful I did - I wouldn't be without it now”

Emma – Emma Eats and Explores


Emma, a blogger at Emma Eats and Explores loves to talk about food and travel. Something else she is outspoken about on her blog is her Lupus diagnosis. It was for this that she tried CBD, she spoke to us about her diagnosis and how CBD has affected her condition.

“After being diagnosed with Lupus over five years ago my energy levels completely dropped due to chronic fatigue. It was all I could do most days to drag myself to work and then come home and collapse on the sofa for the whole evening. 

“I started taking CBD oil a little over a year ago and the change has been dramatic. I now have so much energy, I'm finding I'm loving exercise again (a year ago I couldn't even face taking a walk) which in itself is a great mood booster and I'm able to see my friends in the evenings instead of feeling too tired. I feel more alert and have less brain fog and my concentration has increased too - I now have a kind of mental clarity that I didn't have before. The only thing I've changed is that I’ve added CBD oil to my daily routine and I'm so thankful I did - I wouldn't be without it now!”

It makes me feel peaceful and able to rest without leaving me feeling out of control”

Amy – Alchemy by Amy


Amy is a lifestyle blogger at Alchemy by Amy, whose main passion is finding and talking about toxin-free cosmetics. Amy has lived with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 for almost all of her life, and she spoke to us about how CBD came into play when her condition worsened:

“I started using CBD when I started to get sicker. I thought it was just migraines having a flare-up until I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. CBD helped me manage as long as I did before I finally got a diagnosis, it helped me manage my pain and sleep. Following surgery I used CBD to continue to manage pain and anxiety too, it helped me not become so dependent on prescribed painkillers and now I couldn’t be without it, it makes me feel peaceful and able to rest without leaving me feeling out of control.”

“Give CBD a chance to help you like it’s helped me”

Aysia – Call me Aysia B


Based in the US, lifestyle blogger Call Me Aysia B describes herself as a ‘Plus Size Lifestyle Content Creator + Designer’. Despite living in a state where marijuana products are legalised, Aysia found herself not wanting the effects of THC, whilst looking for the benefits CBD can offer.

She told us: “I live in California, so marijuana products had never been an outlandish thing for me! I sometimes didn’t want to experience the effects of THC when trying to combat my insomnia or cramps, so I looked into using CBD to help with my problems. CBD has helped me get a more restful sleep in a timely fashion. It has also helped when Mother Nature attacks my uterus on those certain times of the month. I love that I can use it day and night to not only alleviate pain but to help with focusing on any of my tasks at hand as well. It is great to have all those benefits, without the high effect, and be able to consume it in so many different ways.

“I suggest researching CBD products because there is literally a product to help you with whatever it may be! Gummies, tinctures, body rubs, oils and so much more to choose from! Give CBD a chance to help you like it’s helped me.”

These five incredible women all have their own stories to tell, and although all very different, their lives have all been positively affected by CBD. Whether you choose to try CBD to help with a medical condition like Amy and Emma or use it to aid sleep like Aysia, it can offer some wonderful relief.

My CBD drinks are great for first-timers, and allow you to add CBD drops in your drink, meaning you can regulate the amount you use in one sitting. If you want to learn more about CBD before you try it, there are plenty of articles on the Kolibri blog that can offer you more of an insight into all aspects of it.

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